About AZ Sky Ad

Your advertising dollars are spent on repetitive ads focused on establishing product recognition. Consider how aerial advertising could enhance this strategy, reach the largest possible audience, and keep you on the public mind long after the message has passed. Human nature dictates that we watch to see what is behind the airplane because it is different. The best sign on the ground is nothing new. We advertise when and where you direct for pennies per thousand viewed. An exclusive agreement could be made so that no other vendor in your segment of the industry would be considered by AZSKYAD!

Flight Time, Banner, and Billboard Fees start for as little as $450 for one hour and discounts for pricing at 3 hours, 6 hours and 12 hours.

Charge covers banner pick-up to drop
Contact us @ 1-877-777-5923 or use the contact form for more details!

7′ letter banner is limited to 40 characters.
Billboards range from $2.00 to $3.00 per square foot and take approximately 5 days to construct.

This form of advertising is very successful in California, Florida, and the Northeast. California and New York ad agencies have out-sourced us with clients such as The Democratic Party and Smirnoff. Compare what we offer to the one-month price of a conventional billboard at an "average" valley location. The 24/7 argument does not stand up to our significantly more affordable, effective, eye-catching, and proven, aerial display. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss with you how our service can improve your advertising.

Aerial Advertising

How does it work?

Click the picture above for a video demonstration of how the aerial advertising is done.

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